What to consider when lone working!
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Lone workers are the individuals who work independently without close or direct supervision. Anyone who works alone, including contractual workers, independently employed individuals, and representative, is classed as a lone worker.

Think about what you need the system to do

Consider the needs of the system and how it will fit into and upgrade whatever remains of your wellbeing technique. Be clear about what these frameworks can and can't do. For instance, they can alert the administration to an issue and follow the members of the staff in any trouble. In any case, they can't protect them until the point when help arrives. That should be managed as a different issue.

Think about the functions you require the framework to perform

For instance, if you will utilize the system for tracking the members of staff, check how intently it can pinpoint them.

· Would it have the capacity to pinpoint?

· Which flat in a tall structure square?

· Do workers visit remote venues?

· Provided that this is true, will there be a flag and to what extent will a response take to arrive?

How practical is the framework?

Consult those staff individuals who will really be utilizing the framework for lone working or school safety procedures, to guarantee they have the opportunity to input on the conceivable frameworks and that you have purchased in from them. Generally it's an exercise in futility, as the staff will discover routes not to utilize the framework.

Think about the training provision

Think precisely about the training provision for lone working.

· What amount of preparing is required?

· Does the organization give this and what standard is it?

· How high maintenance is the gadgets and how great is the innovation bolster from the providers?

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